Why We Should Do Nothing | Humble Hustle #026

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Why We Should Make Time to Do 'Nothing'

It was only a few years ago “hustle culture” was a thing.

I admit myself I fell into the toxic hustle culture – you know, the work until you drop and only then do you rest mentality.

Now everyone seems to have backflipped and intentional work and work life balance is most important.

But it’s clear, science says it’s essential to make time to do nothing.

True downtime is not easy to me though. True downtime means no goal and no focused attention and that doesn’t come naturally to me.

Surprisingly, downtime does not include:

  • Netflix
  • Social media apps
  • Doing exercise

Instead, true downtime looks like:

  • Doing the dishes
  • Going for a walk without your phone or fitness tracker
  • Folding your laundry

Apparently, the mind-numbingness of the boring task lets your mind escape and unwind. It’s during these times that creativity and brilliant ideas arise.

As Albert Einstein said: '

Creativity is the residue of time wasted.”

So don’t beat yourself up if you do nothing at all.

You should make time for nothing at all.

Give yourself permission to switch off and get enough rest so that you can perform properly the next day.

Best Mac Cleaning Practices

While you take a moment to yourself to do nothing, it’s a great time to automate the cleaning of your Mac.

But, there is a right and wrong way to do this.

Here are some seriously common Mac cleaning mistakes:

  • Removing apps by moving them to the Trash Bin
  • Messing around with system-related files and folders
  • Not deep cleaning across folders

I’m a software-fiend and I like using software to automate as much as I can from my life to make things easier, and that’s where CleanMyMacX comes in.

You might’ve noticed that CleanMyMacX have teamed up with me to spread the awareness of their app and it’s genuinely one of my all-time-favorite apps.

When it comes to cleaning and clearing out my Mac, all I have to do is run a Smart Scan on the app, grab a beverage and watch it do its thing.

CleanMyMacX is an app that has been notarized by Apple and have been around for more than 14 years – they know a thing or two about…well, cleaning my Mac!

Time to run my weekly scan, take a break and do nothing at all.

You can download and try CleanMyMacX for free here.

Interview: AEZ x Grovemade

Had a great chat with the folks over at Grovemade about the new office, work and being grounded.

Check out the article here: https://grovemade.com/andrew-ethan-zeng/

I’m excited to sit in on more interviews this year!

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iPhone 14 Pro – 4 Months Later

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Yep, Dynamic Island is still a let down.

10 Best Budget Tech

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Best Mac Apps in 2023

Here’s 14 unique apps I’ve been using and absolutely love. Check them out!

🌾 Link Harvest

MilkBooks – Hand-crafted book I’ve been gifting to loved ones

Spaces for Mac – A great productivity app I’ve been enjoying

House of Spoils – Framed art for every wall that I’m thinking of purchasing

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