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Understanding the AI Hype | Humble Hustle #028

Published about 1 year ago • 2 min read

Understanding the AI Hype

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Let’s talk AI for a moment.

Because I feel like it’s so grossly misunderstood and its hype is confusing.

If you used Google Translate, Apple Siri or even a robot vacuum cleaner, these are all elements of AI that we know and love. So in fact, you and I have been using AI for a while!

It’s not like AI has suddently arrived is becoming the Singularity (a hypothetical future where technological growth becomes uncontrollable).

But the trend a decade ago was to hide the AI components for a seamless experience, not shout it out for the world to know.

Here’s why AI has exploded though: it’s because AI has become generative i.e. “generative AI”.

The purpose of generative AI is to create content so the general person now has the ability to control and interact with AI directly, which has caused this sort of hysteria with AI.

Don’t get me wrong, generative AI is an incredible tool – I’ve been using it lots this year and in fact I shared my top 10 AI tools.

But the issue is the overhype, misinformation and brands using it for marketing purposes.

But it isn’t the singularity and it’s far off pandemic or nuclear threats. At least not yet.

Soundcore X600: Spatial Audio on a Budget

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Spatial audio is also on the rise and here’s a new portable speaker that has impressed me: Soundcore’s Motion X600. It gives you spatial-capable audio in a small form factor with huge sound, without ruining our wallets.

For those who haven’t heard of Soundcore before, it’s a brand that sits within Anker – an electronics powerhouse that you’ve likely heard of.

And surprisingly, Soundcore has been making waves for its innovative, quality audio gear in the low to mid price point.

This is the very first Soundcore speaker I’ve been able to test so it’s been quite interesting. Check out the full video above!

Updated Loungeroom Setup

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I finally got around to slightly revamping the lounge room setup with Samsung’s The Frame TV and some new furniture pieces. Check it out and let me know how you like it!

Best Mac Accessories

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With all the new Apple announcements, here are some of my favorite Mac accessories to go with new Macs!

🍎Apple Corner: Stop Throttling Your Mac!

Welcome to a new short segment to this newsletter, partnered with CleanMyMac X.

I know many of you are Apple fans and Mac users, so I decided to start the “Apple Corner” where I’ll share new Apple-related news and tips/tricks.

A problem I still often run into is managing memory usage on Macs, even on my M2 Max laptop.

RAM is limited and it impacts Mac’s short-term memory, storing everything running in real-time. That’s why when RAM is overloaded the entire computer feels sluggish.

You can check your Mac memory usage from “Cmd + Spacebar” and searching for “Activity Monitor” > Memory Tab. Overloaded? Here’s some solutions:

Mac Restart:The easiest way to clear your memory usage is by restarting your Mac, but this can also be inconvenient if you’re in the middle of work.

Desktop Cleanup: The more docs, files and icons on your desktop, the more memory is used. Make sure you tidy up your desktop from time to time.

CleanMyMac X: An instant way to flush memory is by using CleanMyMac X’s one-button RAM flush. You’re also able to check memory usage from the control panel rather than using Activity Monitor. You can try a free 7-day trial here.

🌾 Link Harvest

2023 Tesla Model 3 – I was lucky enough to take delivery of my latest ride, the M3LR!

Leica Q3 – I’ve been waiting for this for years! Managed to pick one up during launch, so watch out for the review!

Superhuman – Email on steroids, I’ve just started using it but yet sure it’s worth $30/month

Sony Project Q – A portable handheld version of the PS5. Interesting, but I think I’ll be waiting for the PS5 Slim…if it ever eventuates.

MacPaw Foundation – Help donate to a great cause and for a chance to win a classic WWDC 19 pin.

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