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published8 months ago
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Living The Best Life

I’ve been thinking about how I want to live life and best use my time.

The easiest way to break down life is into categories:

  • Relationships
  • Work & Finances
  • Health
  • Learning
  • Mental Wellbeing

Over the last half year, I’ve been consumed by work – putting in countless hours, weekends and not drawing a line. I’ve been over indexing on work.

Recently I’ve taken time to balance the life categories, where I’d choose to work late nights or the weekends, I’ve chosen to spend it swimming, hanging out with my partner and friends or just reading.

It sounds so simple, but it has been such a breath of fresh air changing up the routine and nothing seems to have yet suffered in the business.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve even taken some time off as part of a big international work trip across Singapore, Japan and the Maldives.

Combining leisure, hobby and work all together during these trips was amazing and for me personally, is how I’d like to live my life and best use my time. Life is just too short to overindex on just one life category!

Protect Your Digital-Self when Traveling

While I was working and traveling abroad recently, I always make it a habit to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to protect my confidential information when using public networks.

Why would you travel with a suitcase without locks right?

I’ve had plenty of VPN brands looking to sponsor our content and I’ve always declined because I didn’t believe in their product.

But the one I’ve been loving so far and have got behind is ClearVPN 2.

It’s the most intuitive VPN with top tier protocols and encryption (AES-256 of course), no log policy and the user interface is absolutely banging. I’m a sucker for good design.

Whenever I open my laptop, I’ll jump onto ClearVPN 2 and with a couple clicks, secure my browsing to avoid ISP tracking, phishing, identity leaks and things like that. Plus I got to access all my local content back at home without any restrictions!

You download the app and secure your browsing completely free here.

All Humble Hustle readers can also get access to premium features for just $1 a month for the first month here!

My Premium Travel Kit

You guys seem to love my travel and tech EDC videos.

Here’s the latest one when I had travelled to the Maldives, carrying all sorts of tech and travel essentials.

Singapore Air New A350 Business Class

video preview

I was lucky enough to fly Singapore Air’s new A350 business class in the couple seat with my partner. We had a little too much food and drinks on the flight.

Lighting my Gaming Setup

I’ve had a lot of requests to create a video around how I light my setup.

This is how I’ve been lighting my gaming setup with just one device – the Govee AI Box.

🌾 Link Harvest

Apple AR/VR Headset – Can’t wait for this. I’ve been playing with a lot of AR products and can’t wait to share the videos with you.

AMEX Business Platinum – This card has been the best one I’ve used yet. An absolute must for business owners and frequent flyers.

Govee AI Box – A one-stop lighting setup for a desk

CF Check-In Luggage – My fav suitcase at the moment

Chat GPT-5 – AI is all the craze right now and here’s an interesting article on how GPT-5 will look and work.

Tear of Kingdom Gameplay – For you Zelda fans out there, we’re salivating over the first gameplay footage of ToK!

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