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My New Home Office & Studio! | Humble Hustle #022

Published over 1 year ago • 2 min read

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My New Home Office & Studio!

Before I get stuck into this month’s newsletter, I want to share the first episode in our new Setup Makeover Series with you.

This video took me months to put together and I hope you like it as much as I do!

Comment “humble hustle” to show me you’ve come over from the newsletter :)

Sprints: The Best Way to Work

Hey friends!

You may have realised I’ve been less active on YouTube and that’s because it’s been such a crazy, busy month.

In between the renovations, moving, managing the businesses, the YouTube channel and a new website…it has been the craziest month this year.

In fact…I burned out. Not good.

But I also know that last month was an outlier. It was a sprint.

I’ve gone back to a more manageable workload. I’ve already fit in a lot more time for friends, family, bouldering and gaming this month.

Sprints are a time-boxed period where you set out to complete a set amount of work. They’re the method I find works best to get a lot done.

These periods help me plan, keep focused and work extra hard and fast, knowing it’s not forever.

"Success is 99 percent resuscitation. You haven’t failed until you’ve given up. What motivated you to get started? What’s changed? If there was a reason to get in, there’s a reason to stay in.

If you haven’t tried working in sprints, I totally recommend it! Powered Our Sprint

A platform I’ve been using to work in sprints and track the workload with the team is

It’s a dynamic, multipurpose and flexible platform that teams use to plan, run, track processes, projects and work.

I can genuinely say, without the platform we wouldn’t have all the work completed during the sprint. is the magic glue that molded our jumbled thoughts into a cohesive, clear and accountable action plan.

We were able to adapt the unique case of managing this big move and creating content onto a trackable platform.

It helped us track all the moving parts and headaches involved, especially since we’re working with brands, suppliers and creating content all while moving in during this sprint period.

If you’re looking to work in sprints, give a go.

You can try for free here:

Our Rebrand & New Website!

We’ve been working with Passionates Agency, one of the fastest growing design agencies in the UK, to redesign our website.

Earlier in the year, I refreshed my brand to reflect the new direction I’m heading in, which is blending my love for tech, business and design rather than just business.

The website was well overdue for a big makeover. And here it finally is:

Check it out and let me know what you guys think!

If you’re looking to rebuild your website with a professional team, I cannot recommend Passionates Agency enough. There's a good reason why they’re listed as the top 100 fastest growing UK design agencies. Check them out and tell them I sent you over!

MacBook Air M2: 3 Months Later

After 3 months using the Air M2 as a daily driver, here’s my final verdict on the laptop.

Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro Giveaway Winner

Here is the winner for the month of August:

Angelo Biviano – @Angelo_biviano01

Check out the new Setup Makeover Series for the latest giveaways!

P.S. Winners are always announced only on our verified accounts and our official newsletter, please be careful of scammers and impersonators reaching out to you!

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